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Cumalative Grade Point Average Or CGPA Is The Overall Result Which You Got From Multiple Semesters Of University And College.

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College Cumulative GPA Calculator Or CGPA Calculator

Cumulative GPA Calculates Your Overall GPA Of Your All Semesters. Suppose You Wanna Calculate Your Two Semesters GPA Or Multiple Semester GPA So You Are In The Right Website To Calculate Here. And Also, Check For ASU GPA Calculator Now Here Is Some Example Which Will Clear Your Understanding About Calculation. Suppose You Got a 3.0 GPA In With Total Credits Hours Of 15 In One Semester And Second Semester You Got a 3.10 GPA With Total Credits Hours Of 22. Now Your Cumulative GPA Will Be After Calculation Is 3.06 With Total Credit Hours Of 37. The Same Calculator Will Work For High School GPA Calculator Too. Now Which Will Be Cumulative GPA Scale That's Up to You. It Doesn't Matter Just Give Your Semester Credits And GPA It Will Calculate. 4.0 And 4.3 Is The Most Useable Cumulative GPA scale.

Instruction To Use This Cumulative GPA Calculator

Step One: Give Your Semester With Your Total Credit Hours. By Default, Check This Tool Too SAT Calculator We Have Almost Four Semester If You Need More Semester Just Click On Add More Semesters.
Step Two: Now Type Your First Semester GPA And In Second Input Field Type Your Second Semester GPA With Total Credit Hours
Final:Now Click On Calculate CGPA After Clicking You Will See Your Unweighted/CGPA/GPA Of All Your Semesters Both For High High School GPA Calculator And College GPA .
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CGPA (Cumulative GPA) Formula Or How to calculate cumulative GPA for all semesters

Total Your Semester 1 Credits - 25 x Total Semester 1 GPA 3.6
Total Your Semester 2 Credits - 23 x Total Semester 2 GPA 3.0
25 x 3.6 = 90
23 x 3.0 = 69
25 + 23 = 48
90 + 69 = 159
159 / 48 = 3.31

Cumulative GPA Calculator
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